NewConstruction of a Holiday House near Rome

The house, planned for realisation in the Rieti Province, will consist of two separated apartments on different levels, in that way the design of the house is adjusted perfectly to the shape of the ground and allowing greater independence and privacy to the tenants.

The style of the residence will be harmonized to the local architecture of the surroundings, the cladding of the facades will be made of natural stone and the pitched roof will be covered with traditional tiles.

All walls will be realised with prefabricated elements made of Neopor which work as disposable formwork as well as thermal protection. This system allows a very simple and time saving realisation of the project. The roof structure will be realised in wood following local tradition, the beams just as the terra-cotto panels between the beams will be visible from inside the house.

The following services are managed by our office: approval planning (submission of building application to municipality and administrative region regarding hydro-geological restrictions as well as application to building supervisory board), coordination of survey, measurements and geological report, architectural consultancy, structural planning (with relevant stability calculation of the ground, calculation of foundation, walls, roof construction, retaining walls), tendering, site preparations and site direction.

Estimated start of construction: 2020.